Playing guitar, listening to Jeff Beck, riding his motorcycle, and studying the Holy Scriptures were Ed’s passions. He enjoyed his weekly trip to Pizza Port, Ocean Beach, and was very fond of the “kids” who worked there. His intense love for his wife of 42 years was beyond measure. Although he disliked traveling immensely, when it came to visiting his sons, he was out the door and ready to board an airplane—and he was always ready to tackle any projects they may have had. His sons, and his ability to assist them in any way possible, brought him great joy.


Ed is survived by his wife, Susan; his sons, Paul and Josef; and his three younger siblings.


It is written: “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.” Even so, Eddie, you are missed extremely.




Ed Galicki graduated to Heaven on Monday, May 22. He is remembered as a devoted husband, a wonderful father, and a help to many. Anyone who knew Ed will also remember his offbeat sense of humor.